• Corporate Chief Inspector

  • “I’m dead and I don’t care”; “you don’t know what you don’t know”

    Work with equipment, process, system failures; operator, inspector training / mentoring

    Manage the operation, act as chief inspector for a number of clients, establish protocols, engage personnel

    IBPVI & TSASK certified; in a management role with a number of companies over the last 25 years

    The challenge and reward of being involved in a smaller company where not only do  we all know each other but we support each other. It takes the complement of all of us to build a fully rounded organization

    I am able to focus my time on the things I enjoy doing in the workplace: training, mentoring, building clients’ plans. It allows me to continue to grow both technically and socially.

    I started my career more than 44 years ago as a draftsman in a piping shop; moved to NDE shortly after and have been in the NDE, visual & heat treatment specialties ever since.

    Honesty, dependability, punctuality, striving for perfection.

    I enjoy reading, fishing, camping; I have enjoyed these on my own, then with my children, then and now with my grandchildren and also now with my great grandchildren.

    Lord of The Rings, The Grapes Of Wrath , Catcher In The Rye.