Asset Integrity Management and Equipment Inventory

Our staff each go through a rigorous competency evaluation to ensure they meet our needs. We carry out installation, external and internal inspections. We also conduct assessments of NDE results, monitoring results (corrosion coupons, glycol & amine analysis) and any specialty tools such as InfraRed, CUI …

Integrity Management Programs

Integrity Management Programs

IMS is at the core of what we do.

Our management programs are designed specific to each client. They can be all encompassing – we run the MOC, NCR, training records … – or they can be scaled to only what the client needs.

We work for a diversified clientele who each need a very different approach to their own Integrity Management Systems.

These include: waste management, commercial propane suppliers, very small producers (5 – 10 vessels) to mid size procedures with over 5000

Program Implementation and Roll out - Oil and Gas Integrity risk management

Program Implementation and Roll-out

Once we have built the program (manual, procedures …) we work with our clients to help the implement the various parts. We help measure their success and work to continuously improve their IMS.

We also attend external audits and vigorously support our clients in these.

Management of change - oil and gas - integrity risk management

Management of Change

This element is 1 of the most important to any successful IMS; it is also one of the most misunderstood. We see MOC as a philosophy rather than as a procedure or form. To this end our MOC development takes into account changes of all sizes, complexities and importance. Our process development allows for emergency, verbal (in the middle of the night) changes, small relatively simple and of minor consequence through to major changes involving DBM’s, HAZOP’s …

competency training - oil and gas integrity risk management

Competency & Training

This is the other element of a successful IMS that is crucial. Seminars offered by IRML are designed to be delivered at many levels. It is our belief that not only should our inspectors have some level of knowledge of what our industry does but also our clerical and management staff. We believe the same should be true for our clients. IRML periodically delivers Lunch & Learns, half day and full day seminars that cover everything from general plant / site awareness and safety, through plant processes with a focus on potential damage mechanisms, remedial action and inspection / NDE techniques.

Also offered is a seminar on NDE for non-NDE personnel to give inspectors, engineers and others a view of how the techniques work, their strengths and limitations.

Aduting - integrity risk management in the oil and gas industry


The personnel who conduct internal audits of IMS systems not only have formal auditing training but have each been through 60+ audits; both as auditors and auditees. We approach each audit by ensuring the auditee’s written systems meet the criteria and then we audit against the established manual, procedures, processes, work instructions and any other instruments in application of the program. IRML does use a “one size fits all” audit protocol. Audits are tailored to the size and complexity the organization being audited.

Vendor Management and technical evaluation - oil and gas - integrity risk management

Vendor Management and Technical Evaluation

As with internal audits, IRML has people and processes that are designed to properly measure an organization’s ability to meet the program they have set themselves up for.