IRML: Navigating Shut-Downs Amid COVID-19

IRML has been hard at work, navigating the Advantage Oil & Gas Shut-Down at the Glacier Gas Plant and Valhalla Battery, NW of Grande Prairie, AB.  In these times of COVID-19 risk, additional thought has been put into the procedures which we have followed for years. Key changes this year include the following:

  • Additional Site safe work procedures: Remote sign-in, N95 mask wear at all times, and maintaining social distance.
  • Cutting down contact time on site: Use of ECHO NDE’s Eddy current Surface Scanning Procedures for crack detection on Compressor bottles has been crucial as it cut prep time down by 100%; no paint removal nor buffing required. Echo was in and out within hours for two Acid Gas Compressor Units.
  • Advocating for the use of local services: IRML has been working closely with local NDE company, Lance Inspection, for UT and MPI work, and Reward Oilfield for repair work. Using a local company further reduces risk of spread of COVID-19.


Feel free to comment or contact IRML for further information, and stay safe and healthy everyone.

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