Superior Propane
Superior is Canada’s largest provider of commercial propane with vessels ranging from 20 to 60,000US gallons. With an inventory of ~45,000 vessels – many in constant movement – the challenges faced are different from those faced with many other clients.

The cementing department which serves the upstream (well head cementing) sector has its own unique set of challenges. The equipment under the program operates at relatively low pressure (max ~30PSIG) of dry air but with a significant volume (1300 to 3500 ft3). Many of these are periodically also under Transport Canada requirements.

Tervita (formerly CCS Midstream)
The sites – known as TRD’s (Treating, Recycling & Disposal) take in many forms of liquid and solid waste. Because of this many of the products received as waste include corrosive hydrocarbons, produced water and drilling muds which require equipment and processes not often seen in the conventional oil & gas sector.

Blaze Energy Ltd.
Blaze operates a large gas processing facility west of Drayton Valley (the old PetroCanada plant). Apart from 2 amine sweetening & Claus units for sulphur recovery, there is also some less than common equipment: Turbo expander, Drizo Refrigeration and Ifpexol liquids removal. Blaze also has mole sieve towers for further liquids handling.

Legacy Oil + Gas Inc.
Legacy is a relatively small producer with an aging inventory (vessels >40 years old) in the Turner Valley area. They also operate a significant amount of equipment in Southeastern Saskatchewan. Each of these presents its own set of challenges.

Kaiser Exploration Ltd.
Kaiser is a small producer with most of its operation along the Albert/BC border and in the Grande Prairie – Fort Saint John area. With equipment on both sides of the border, it is necessary for us to be cognizant of different sets of jurisdictional requirements and modus operandi.